One-off Postnatal Visit

Price - £220. Lasting up to 2 hours.

Most of us expecting a baby, particularly for the first time, are so preoccupied with getting through labour and birth that it comes as something of a shock when home alone with a very tiny human who relies on you for everything. It can be terrifying!

In previous times you could rely on family support but many people in London live far from family and close friends. The NHS offers far less support than they used to due to budget constraints and staffing. Unless there are problems, you can expect to be discharged after just one night if your baby is born in hospital.

You may have to wait another couple of days before getting a fifteen minute visit from a Community Midwife who probably has numerous other women to see. The wait to see the midwife can seem very long and you may not be reassured by the short visit or have your numerous questions answered.

What better gift for yourself, or someone you love who has just had a baby, than a one-off postnatal visit from one of the midwives in our team. We spend at least an hour with you but often longer if there are problems to resolve, breastfeeding issues or if you need advice on temperature regulation for your baby, safe sleeping positions and jaundice assessment.

We will also check any stitches or wounds, give advice about pain relief and diet as well as appropriate levels of mobility and rest.

If the visit is useful, you can upgrade to a package of four or eight visits with on-call support from our midwives until your baby is six weeks old.

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