One-off Antenatal Visit

Price - £180. One hour appointment.

When you are pregnant, particularly for the first time you can have so many questions. The internet is often contradictory and also alarming. It can be far more reassuring to have a face-to-face meeting with a midwife. NHS visits are being reduced and often the gaps between your appointments can seem very long.

If you book a one-off antenatal visit with us, one of our team will come to your home for an hour-long appointment. No need to spend ages trying to get through to a midwife on the phone or to wait in an overcrowded antenatal clinic. We can schedule appointments as early as 8am to fit around your work schedule.

We will do a thorough physical examination, including blood pressure monitoring and urine testing as well as an examination of your bump. If you are far enough along in your pregnancy, we can listen in to your baby’s heartbeat. This will be very reassuring if you are at that difficult point in your pregnancy before feeling your baby move.

We will give you advice on diet, supplements, pelvic floor exercises and answer any questions you might have. We may need to refer you to the hospital or your GP if we find any areas of concern. If  you find your visit useful, you can book in more or upgrade to one of our packages.

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